Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the ECA stack and weightloss

The ECA stack and weight loss

A lot of us want to lose weight and most of us want to do it as quick and easy as possible, sadly there is no easy way to go, however there are a few things Legal and not so Legal that can be used effectively to help get you through the path of miseries, the ECA stack or ephedrine cafeine asperine stack is 1 of the not so Legal examples especially the Ephedrine part has been banned in many countries while in others it just got slightly tougher to get.

The reason that the ECA stack got banned had mostly to do with the fact that a bunch of idiots took a way to big overdose (10x) from the product and had the amazing discovery in this case that more is not always better. Well it was but only because death is still the fastest way to lose weight.

What is the ECA stack, well the full name would be Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin in general however make no mistake, only the ephedrine and caffeine are the 2 ingredients needed, aspirin is only really useful to add for obese people and even then you could reconsider it if you want to avoid stomach issues. 

There are other products you can add but in the end all you need for this to get a effective weight loss product is the EC stack (ephedrine+ cafeine without the asperine) from ECA stack, the rest is just a bonus and should be carefully consider before using as they could have side effects you don’t want to add to your ephedrine. 

The most effective dose has been established at about 20:200 for ephedrine and caffeine and 300mg of aspirin three times a day for the obese people, if you don’t want holes in your stomach I would advise against adding that however especially since EC works just fine for obese people to